Every week we pull together some great Canadian recipes from Canadian food bloggers around the web featuring one main ingredient or dish. Today it's time to pour a cup of tea because we're going to sit down with some scone recipes!

Over 20 Scone Recipes | Food Bloggers of Canada

Scones are a classic accompaniment to afternoon tea or brunch.  Serve them warm - maybe with a little butter or better yet, some clotted cream and some homemade jam - and you hav

Some people think scones are too dense or dry but that just means they haven't had a really good scone yet!

A perfect scone is hard and crumbly on the outside and light and soft on the inside and ideally should be served warm shortly after coming out of the oven.

A dreamy scone should be able to stand up proudly on its own with no glazes or add-ons.  Those are simply an extra little delight in each mouthful.  Think of a great birthday cake - the cake can be decorated and frosted into a work of art but if the cake underneath all that finery is lousy, it's no good.  Well the same goes for a great scone.

Once you master a great scone, it's a blank canvas.  You can go sweet or savoury, glazed or unglazed.  Add in nuts or berries, cheeses, fruit, bits of ham or bacon - the sky is the limit when it comes to scone.

Scones aren't meant to last more than a day so don't be shy about having seconds.  But better yet, invite friends over for a cup of tea, a scone and a chat -  or put some fresh scones in a basket and take them to a neighbour. They're always better shared!

1. Basic Scone Recipe

by Lord Byron's Kitchen

Basic Scone Recipe | Lord Byron's Kitchen

Let's start things off with a basic scone recipe from Lord Bryon's Kitchen. Once you master this, the possibilities are endless (as he'll show you!). Scones are so easy to customize once you get the basic recipe down!

2. Raspberry Lemon Scones

by Food Meanderings

Raspberry Lemon Scones | Food Meanderings

These Raspberry Lemon Scones from Food Meanderings are a perfect balance of sweet and tart and they have a hint of liquorice flavour from aniseed and fennel for that extra hint of something special.

3. Matcha Almond Scones with Bergamot Glaze

by Sift and Simmer

If you're a tea lover the only thing better than a cup of tea and a scone is a scone made with tea! Match Almond Scones with Bergamot Glaze from Sift & Simmer are perfect for an afternoon cuppa and will evoke both green tea and Earl Grey with their flavours!

4. Glazed Cherry Matcha Scones

by CulturEatz

Glazed Cherry Match Scones

Another matcha treat - this time paired up with cherries. CulturEatz created these Glazed Cherry Matcha Scones to team up perfectly with an afternoon cup of green tea.

5. Cheesy Bacon Scones

by Love In My Oven

Cheesy Bacon Scones

Don't forget about savoury scones! A Cheesy Bacon Scone can be perfect with brunch or afternoon tea. Give these ones a try from Love In My Oven.

6. Quick and Easy Cranberry Scones

by The Cup of Life

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Quick and Easy Cranberry Scones

When a tea blogger tells you this is a great scone recipe, you better listen! Tea lovers know their scones. You can eat these Quick and Easy Cranberry Scones from The Cup of Life naked (we mean without glaze - if you don't want to wear clothes while eating them that's a different conversation and totally up to you!) or you can make a quick matcha glaze to drizzle on top.

7. Lemonade Scones

by Leelalicious

Lemonade Scones with Jam and Cream

All it takes to make this recipe is three ingredients - and one of them is lemonade! Leelalicious' Lemonade Scones are the perfect thing for a summer picnic or when you need a little bit of summer on a winter day!

8. Pear and Ricotta Spelt Scones

by SugarLoveSpices

Pears, in our opinion, are a highly underrated fruit. We love the idea of  "pairing" them up (get it? ahahaha) with ricotta in these light crumbly Pear and Ricotta Spelt Scones from SugarLoveSpices.

9. Lavender Scones

by Jo and Sue

Lavender Scones

These pretty lavender scones from Jo & Sue would be perfect for afternoon tea, a Mother's Day brunch, a wedding or baby shower or just because you love lavender.

10. Gluten Free Vegan Blueberry Scones

by Fresh is Real

Gluten Free Vegan Blueberry Scones

If you're looking for a gluten free or a vegan scone option then look no further than Fresh Is Real and her Gluten Free Vegan Blueberry Scones.

More Scone Recipes

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Over 20 Scone Recipes | Food Bloggers of Canada

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