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PB&J from Heather at Heather's Eats as seen in the FBC Flickr Food Photography Group. And PB stands for Pork Belly!

Every week we pull together a round of links full of interesting food, blogging and photography.  Here's what caught our eye this week:

Tasty Links from FBC Members

This week in our tasty links, we're taking a little culinary tour of Canada - some are well known, others are lesser know gems!

  • The Canmore Uncorked Food and Drink Festival - Heather from Heather's Eats checks out a sneak peek of this year's festival - and yes... Canmore is a hidden gem in Canada's culinary scene!
  • Brunch at the Sugar Shack - Marie from Food Nouveau takes us on a nostalgic look at the classic Quebec sugar shack while exploring where this tradition is going now
  • A Taste of France - NLC Event - we were pretty excited when Jessica from Bring The Bread joined FBC a few weeks ago because she is our first restaurant review blog from Newfoundland! (we do have quite a few recipe bloggers from NL - but not restaurants!).  This week she invites you all to experience a taste of France with an NLC wine tasting event happening this May in St. Johns, including some tips on how to experience a wine tasting!
  • Vancouver's Chinese Restaurant Awards - Food Blogger's Choice - Joyce from VanFoodies talks about her experience judging this year's Chinese Restaurant Awards in Vancouver, including the winners and the highlights of her experience - this is no small undertaking in Vancouver where there is a plethora of outstanding Chinese Restaurants to choose from!

Other Useful Blogging Links

Here are some posts we've found around the web this week that might help you with your blogging.

  • Food Art: Behind the Scenes of a Photo Shoot - World Kitchen shares a day behind the scenes of a photoshoot with Corningware, including sharing what happens to the leftover food and the astounding size of the grocery bill!
  • A Guide To Crafting A Beautiful Instagram Feed - a few things in this article may seem a bit extreme but, if you are trying to build an instagram following for your blog's brand rather than for your own amusement, there are some great tips here from Craftsposure.
  • Recipe Attribution: an always touchy subject amongst cookbook authors and bloggers but this article from David Lebovitz helps shed some light and clarify things!

Instagram Accounts We're Watching

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