Weekend Links for June 6, 2015 | Food Bloggers of Canada
Bakery goodies from this weekend's FBC Member photowalk at Vancouver's Granville Island as seen in the FBC Food Photography group on Flickr

Every week we pull together a round of links full of interesting food, blogging and photography.  Here's what caught our eye this week:

Tasty Links from FBC Members

Yesterday was International Doughnut Day (and we're spelling it the Canadian way!) so we're sharing doughnut recipes from FBC members.  These are some of the prettiest recipes we've ever seen!

Other Useful Blogging Links We Love

Here are a few links to articles, books, and resources that we think are great whether you're a hobby blogger or a blogging entrepreneur.

  • Ten Composition Tips With Award Winning Photographer Steve McCurry - from the artFIDO Facebook page, one of our members shared this great, short little video with some fantastic composition tips for photography.  It's well worth the 3 minutes it takes to watch!
  • The Being Boss Podcast - this is a relatively new podcast that launched this January but it is jammed with great advice for creative entrepreneurs (memo: if you're a food blogger earning money from your blog, you're a creative entrepreneur!).  Kathleen and Emily are full of great advice on their own but the thoughtful interviews they conduct with other creative entrepreneurs are goldmines for people like us!
  • Show Your Work - this book by Austin Kleon should be mandatory reading for anyone who creates anything in this digital era.  We just finished reading it for the second time because it's so relevant and full of good advice.  It's a short read. It's a fun read. And it will change your outlook on how you share content.  We strongly recommend the chapters on Tell Good Stories, Teach What You know, Don't Turn Into Human Spam and Sell Out (<--- seriously - if you struggle with monetizing your blog, this will change how you think!).
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