Each week, to help our readers with their meal planning,  we invite an FBC member to put together a weekly menu plan based on recipes from their blog that includes a week’s worth of dinners from Sunday to Saturday. We include a printable shopping list so you can get everything you need and be ready to cook. And you’ll get introduced to some new recipes and meet some great new Canadian food blogs!

The FBC Weekly Menu Plan with My Island Bistro Kitchen

This week we've invited Barbara Mayhew from My Island Bistro Kitchen to help us switch our menus up from summer to fall...

The days are getting shorter and a little cooler now that fall approaches.  That often means a menu change from barbeques and salads.  My menu for this week features some tasty and savory dishes suitable for those fall suppers.  These dishes are some of our family favorites and I hope they will become yours, too.


The FBC Weekly Menu Plan with My Island Bistro Kitchen

Pork Chops with Bread Stuffing and Creamy Mushroom SauceDessert Suggestion:  Rhubarb Pie

A tasty way to prepare and tenderize pork chops with a flavorful bread dressing topping each chop and smothered in a creamy mushroom sauce.  Serve with a baked potato and a medley of your favourite steamed vegetables.


The FBC Weekly Menu Plan with My Island Bistro Kitchen

Seven-layer Dinner
Dessert Suggestion:  Left-over rhubarb pie from last night.

Prepare this meal-in-a-dish dinner and make enough for next-day lunch or dinner leftovers.  The flavors are even better the next day.  Serve with your favourite bread (or my homemade white bread or crusty rolls ….and don’t forget the mustard pickles.


The FBC Weekly Menu Plan with My Island Bistro Kitchen

Savory Cottage Pie
Dessert Suggestion:  Brownies

A tasty tomato-based dinner with a delicious meat sauce on the bottom covered with creamy mashed or whipped potatoes on top then baked in the oven.  Serve with a side of steamed green beans or asparagus.  NOTE:  This freezes well, unbaked.


Macaroni and Cheese
Dessert Suggestion:  Blueberry Grunt

A traditional family comfort food favourite.  Use high quality cheddar cheese for the most flavour (I use COWS cheese made on PEI).  This dish may be made ahead and frozen, unbaked.  Serve with a green salad and crusty rolls or biscuits.


The FBC Weekly Menu Plan with My Island Bistro Kitchen

Scalloped Potatoes and Ham
Dessert Suggestion:  Butter Tarts

A creamy and tasty way to serve potatoes and a fine accompaniment to ham.  Serve with your favourite steamed vegetable(s) and don’t forget the mustard pickles for this dinner!

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The FBC Weekly Menu Plan with My Island Bistro Kitchen

Honey-Garlic Spare Ribs
Dessert Suggestion:  Gingerbread

This sweet sauce is a tasty way to serve spare ribs.  Serve with baked potatoes or rice and your favourite vegetable.


Maple Syrup Baked Beans
Dessert Suggestion:  Peanut Butter Cookies

A traditional favourite Maritime dish.  This rich-flavoured dish is packed with tasty goodness.  Serve with your favourite bread or rolls and don’t forget the mustard pickles!  NOTE:  Baked beans freeze really well.


Don’t forget to grab your downloadable shopping list (FBC Meal Plan - My Island Bistro Kitchen) that includes all your pantry staples as well as fresh foods and the more unique ingredients!


Want some great tips to help you plan your own weekly menus? Check out our helpful tips in Meal Planning 101.  And for menu planning inspiration, browse our entire meal plan archives.

Barbara Mayhew is the author of My Island Bistro Kitchen.  She lives in lovely Prince Edward Island on Canada’s east coast where they are blessed to have an abundance and variety of fresh food from the land and sea.  She has been blogging for almost three years and, as much as possible,  likes to feature local food producers in her blog stories as well as their products in her recipes.  Food, as we know, is always best fresh and when we know where it has come from and how it has been fished, grown, or produced.  She would sooner buy food from, and support, the local farmer or fisher down the road than purchase food that has been grown or produced in conditions she don’t know about and has traveled thousands of miles for many days before it reaches the dinner plates.

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