Monthly Canadian Food Blog Income Reports with the Food Gays

We've all seen the monthly blog income reports that sites like Pinch of Yum publish monthly.  They pique our curiosity and make us wonder if it's possible for all of us to achieve those kind of results.

The short answer is yes, we can.  The long answer is... it's a LOT of hard work.  A lot.  Think about how much work you think it might be and then double or triple it!

One thing to keep in mind when viewing blog income reports is that most of them are from US bloggers who are in a different market with a much bigger population and more brand opportunities.  Which is why, when Vancouver bloggers, Jeremy and Adrian from the Food Gays,told us they were trying to monetize their site and were doing a blog income report to track their progress, we thought it might be something all our Canadian members would find interesting!

So we're going to be sharing the boys' monthly income reports to see how they do.  They're determined to be transparent (and we applaud them for that!) and they know they're starting small (every single one of us started small!)  They've bought the e-book How To Monetize Your Food Blog and have are putting an editorial plan in place and are looking at ways to boost traffic.  And,  they're open to ideas and suggestions and are hoping this will keep them motivated to keep learning and growing.  We're looking forward to following along!

So be sure to check out the Food Gays' first income report for April 24-May 24th.  We'll be back on the first Monday of every month to check in on them!

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Courtney @ The Fig Tree

Looking forward to seeing how things go! I’m trying to monetize my blog right now too. It seems like lots of trial and error. Looking forward to seeing what they find out 🙂


This is great! Thank you FBC for such an amazing content and Food Gays for your openness 🙂


Thanks so much for mentioning Pinch of Yum (and following along with our posts). We really appreciate it. If anyone has any questions as you go through this stuff be sure to let us know. We’re here to help! After all, it’s kind of like we’re neighbors, being that Lindsay and I live in Minnesota. 🙂

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