This is the kick off  to our annual January Blog Challenge: 31 Days To Clean Up Your Blog. What better time than January to sit down and review your blog? Over the 31 days we'll be sharing 31 tips, ideas, and strategies for you to deal with all those pesky maintenance tasks, take steps to grow in the new year and make blogging easier. This is Day 31.

 31 Day Blog Challenge Day 31: Get Help

You made it! Here we are on the last day of January which means the 31 Day Blog Challenge is coming to an end. Judging from the reaction, this series struck a chord with many of you. We made the promise that we would provide 31 days of tips to "clean up, grow and improve your blog" and whether you did every single task or just picked a handful that were most relevant to you, we hope we fulfilled our promise!

As we've seen over the last month, your blog is so much more than an "http" address. It's a living, breathing, evolving project that will continue to evolve as the months and years go by.

We tackled a lot of different aspects of blogging this month. From practical tasks like backing up and updating important information to ongoing projects like SEO work and improving evergreen content. We've talked about strategic business tasks like diving deeper into analytics and investing in your business.

After doing all that work this month you may have come to the overwhelming realization that there is just so much to stay on top of on a regular basis. So let's talk about getting some help.

Asking For Help

The idea of finding help might be a scary prospect. You've probably heard other bloggers talking about their VAs or social media managers or even full-time employees and it can sound so much bigger than anything you can handle.

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But help comes in a lot of different forms:

  • all day childcare once or twice a month so you can batch produce some content
  • a babysitter one night a week so you can get out and do something for yourself be it date night, bookclub, recreational curling or goth night at a club
  • a cleaning service
  • a meal delivery service
  • your partner - ask them if they can take over a task that would make your life easier
  • your kids - kids can do age appropriate chores. Young kids can set the table, and tidy up their toys. Tweens can do their own laundry. Teenagers can make dinner for everyone.

If your blog earns a good income reinvest some of that money into a VA or a bookkeeper. A bookkeeper may only need to work 1-2 hours a week. A VA can come on board for as little as 5-10 hours a month to do tasks you really dislike.

Asking for help is just another way to invest in yourself and your business but it doesn't have to be a huge investment. Even something as small as a full day of childcare once a month can be hugely helpful and make it easier to grow your blog and buy back your time!

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