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We have a quiet week in terms of news but a busy in one in terms of new members.  What a great influx of new blogs we have joining us.  We will be making some changes to the Membership Directory in the next week or two to make it more browsable (I just made that word up!) because right now, there's a whole lot of scrolling going on!

Slogan Winners

We mentioned last week that we had two slogan winners last week so... that means two prizes.  We'll be sending Val a copy of Evil Cake Overlord by Marie Porter and Jessica will be receiving a copy of Julie Van Rosendaal's Spilling the Beans.  Both authors are members of FBC and we hope you ladies enjoy your prizes!

Coming Soon!

We have a couple of great pieces coming your way in the next little while.  Sean Neild will be sharing a piece he wrote for us on all the great apps out there that can make life easier for restaurant bloggers.  And, Cameron Stauch will be recapping the Cookbook Conference in New York City this past week for us.

New Members

A record week for us with new members last week.  This is the most we've ever had sign up in a week outside of our first two weeks after we launched.  We're thrilled to have you all aboard!

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That's it for this week.  We are working on some interesting things in the background for the next few weeks that we hope to share with you all soon!

As always,

Melissa, Mardi & Ethan

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Elaina @ Flavour

Oh Marie, that’s so great too! I haven’t gone through the whole list yet, I just knew Courtney and Janine from our local food bloggers group! Great to have more Winnipeggers on there 🙂 Welcome!

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