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We're half way through January and it has been a very busy one so far! We've been busy working behind the scenes on a few things - one of which is to bring you some site improvements.  We'll be updating you more on those later.

Help Us Find a New Slogan!

One of the things we've enjoyed doing since the early days of FBC, is coming up with quirky, lighthearted ways to showcase, and even poke some gentle fun at, our "Candianness".

With that in mind, late last year we started working on our first set of web ads that we could use to help us get the word about FBC out.  After some serious brainstorming (aka: goofing off), we came up with four that we were really happy with.  Unfortunately, due to trademarks and such, we couldn't use one of them (it involved a distinctly Canadian candy...) so we now find ourselves one short!

That's where you come in! We thought we'd open up the floor to slogan ideas for the final ad spot!  To get your creative juices flowing, we're sharing our first batch of ads with you all.


Some pointers, rules & disclaimers:

  • we're looking for short & sweet (it has to be easily readable in a 300 x 250 px box)
  • humour and a twist on Canadian cliches is always fun
  • we play up the Canadian need to use extra letters in words a lot in our marketing materials
  • you may enter as many times as you like
  • you only need to come up with the slogan - you do not need to create an ad in Photoshop or Illustrator
  • email your entry to us at info[at]foodbloggersofcanada[dot]com. Contest closes at midnight Pacific time on January 31st.
  • here's the grumpy stuff: by entering you are agreeing that your slogan becomes the property of Food Bloggers of Canada and you release all rights to it, including compensation for its use.  If you are not comfortable with this, it's probably not a good idea to enter!
  • steer clear of using anything that might be trademarked, like the aforementioned candy...

To make it interesting, we're even offering up a prize to the one we choose - a copy of Dinner With Julie's latest book, Spilling The Beans.  If we have more than one outstanding entry, it is just possible that we might find another goodie or two to offer up as a prize. 🙂

So get your thinking caps on and show us how creative you can be and have some fun with it! The quirkier and funnier the better

Eat In Eat Out Magazine Spring Issue

Last fall, Eat In Eat Out Magazine gave several of our members a wonderful opportunity to be featured in their premiere issue, just in time for the holidays.  They even asked a few of our members to write restaurant review features.  All the feedback that we heard from everyone involved was very positive and we're very happy to have Lori from Eat In Eat Out back this month, with a call out for members who would like to have their blogs featured in the upcoming Spring issue.

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If you'd love to have the opportunity to work with Lori and the Eat In Eat Out team as one of the 6 featured bloggers in the Spring issue, check out her post in the forum this week.  The theme for the spring issue if "Healthy Eating" and we know lots of you have blogs that feature healthy eating food recipes and tips so this could be the perfect opportunity for you!

Beerthirst and What's For Lunch BC Partnership

A few weeks ago, Scott from What's For Lunch BC teamed up with Beerthirst to help broaden the craft beer offerings available on the Vancouver restaurant scene.  This is a great partnership, given the nature of Scott's blog!  We thought we'd mention it here in the news to illustrate that there are some interesting opportunities out there for those of you who don't want to go the the traditional route of having ads on your site.  Think outside the box and think about what could work for your blog!

As beer lovers, we think it's a great thing for the Vancouver restaurant culture!  We've listed a few Beerthirst events in our BC events calendar for January as well, so west coasters, be sure to check them out.

Share Your News

If you have something related to your blog that you think our members might be interested in or could learn from, or maybe you just hit a great milestone or achievement you're feeling particularly chuffed about, please, feel free to share it with us!  We'd love to hear about it and share it with everyone!

New Members

Lots of new members this week and some really beautiful blogs.  We hope you take a few minutes to check them all out!

That's it for this week.  As always,

Melissa, Mardi and Ethan

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A Canadian Foodie

So you can’t say:
“Because we eat the red ones last?”
would that be ok?
We fringe baby boomers would definitely relate to it – and it would just peak the curiosity of everyone else – and SMARTIES should love the free advertising!

A Canadian Foodie

Where we drink REAL beer!
Obviously I am tired and being silly – but we are brainstorming, right – you might get a good idea from mine? I know I am supposed to mail them to the address…. but

The land of touques and honey
prairie wool
red fife wheat
nodding onion
Great idea to have this contest.
Good night

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