Good morning everybody!  Lots to talk about this week but I had to mention our new members this week before anything else.  We haven't had a week of signups like this since we first started out (only just over two months ago!).  We are well over 200 members strong now (222 to be exact, as of this writing).

One of my jobs is vetting all the memberships so I get the pleasure of visiting each and every new blog and making sure that you do indeed blog about food or drink and that you are, in fact, Canadian (more on that in a minute!).  Every week I'm amazed by the blogging talent we have in this country and every week I come across some absolute gems.  We've gots some talent in these parts! This week we added some new members from the heart of the prairies, which made me especially happy, as well as some new farming and gardening blogs - it's great to see that our mix is broadening!

Calling All International Canadian Food Bloggers

You've been asking since we opened our doors and we've been promising.  We are now accepting memberships from Canadians blogging outside of Canada!

We have a new membership category just for you - Canadians Abroad.  If you are a Canadian citizen and you write a personal blog that contains a minimum of 50% food/drink/agriculture content, you are now welcome to join.  Please let us know where abouts in Canada you are originally from in your membership application.  You will have the same access to the forums as homegrown blogs and we will list you in our Membership Directory.  However, we can't promise that you'll be eligible for all of our promotions or giveaways and contests.  We will do our best to include you whenever we can (you are eligible for the Chocolate and Zucchini giveaway!) .

Mushroom Mania Contest

We are very excited to bring you an FBC member exclusive contest this holiday season from Mushrooms Canada - Mushroom Mania! is looking for your best holiday recipe featuring mushrooms.  Entry is via the forum where Mardi has posted all the details. will be judging the contest so sending cookies to me and Mardi and Ethan is not going to improve your chances (but we will still eat the cookies!).  The judging criteria is as follows:

  • Presentation (photo) /30
  • Simplicity /20
  • Originality /20
  • The Story /20
  • Nutrition /10

Post your best holiday themed mushroom recipe to your blog, share the link with us in the forum and here's what you could win:

The Prizes

1st prize: $150 gift card to the store of your choice and your recipe/bio/blog link featured in the Recipe of the Month Newsletter

2nd prize: $100 gift card to the store of your choice and your recipe/bio/blog link featured in the Recipe of the Month Newsletter

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3rd prize: $50 gift card to the store of your choice and your recipe/bio/blog link featured in the Recipe of the Month Newsletter

All entries will get a mention on the blog, have their entry added to the mushrooms recipe library with full credit and links back to their blog.

You have until December 12th to get your blog post done and shared in the forum so get going!

*This contest is only open to members within Canada

Gift Guide Entries

Just a quick reminder, you have until November 30th to email (info[at]foodbloggersofcanada[dot]com) us your entries for our first Holiday Gift Guide.  There are some great prizes up for grabs from Trudeau Canada that we featured in last week's news and all you have to do is send us a link to a food, beverage or gardening related item on your holiday wishlist this year!

Chocolate and Zucchini Cookbook Giveaway

If you haven't already entered to win Clotilde Dusoulier's Chocolate and Zuccnini Cookbook giveaway, you still have time.  We'll be choosing a winner on Wednesday.  All you need to do is comment on our post on Clotilde's 10 Rules of Food Blogging with your 11th rule and you're in the running.

December Food Events

Last but not least, if you know of a food/beverage event happening in your area next month, send us the details.  We'll included it in our December event listings.  And hey! We know a LOT of you teach food related classes throughout the country - if you do, share them with us.  We'll list them!  You might be surprised how many of your nearby food bloggers might be interested in joining your classes!  You can send us event listings through our contact form.

New Members

New blogs for you to check out this week - maybe you'll find somebody new near you!

That's all for now - have a great week everyone!

Melissa, Mardi and Ethan

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Rita Huneault

I am thrilled to have found you and that accepted me as part of this Canadadian site. I know it will so great to meet other Candadian Food Bloggers.

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