I’ve begun my outreach, interviews and writing and thought I’d share some background info and observations.

Magic bars

If you’re wondering how the bloggers are being chosen, there is no easy answer other than my own idiosyncratic ideas about what you may find most interesting and helpful. Some profiles may focus on so-called superstar bloggers with impressive numbers of followers and possibly great success in monetization. Others may be solid performers as measured by some other metric. Other bloggers may be those who have a fascinating story arc to their journey despite the numbers. By definition they will not be new to the world of blogging and will have maintained some level of activity in FBC.

What are the measures of “success”, of an interesting story? There are the Google Analytic type of numbers – website users, sessions, bounce rates, etc. But some folks have seen a lot of their activity and interactions move to social media such as Instagram – or even TikTok, or YouTube. Are the important numbers newsletter, substack or podcast subscribers? Or is it commerce - sales of books, food products, etc. – that are important? Learning about others’ journeys may invite us to consider our own pathways and ideas about success.

Just this week I stumbled upon Dinner: A Love Story - Jenny Rosenstrach and was pushed to her podcast interview with Joanna Goddard founder of Cup of Jo. (Yes, both Americans.) Rosenstrach spoke of the period around 2010 when she first launched her blog and how obsessed she was with Google Analytics. Her chance connection with Goddard refocused her to the importance of community. Goddard also observed how her experiences flipping through magazines always made her feel worse. Ensuring that her blog did not do that became her mantra. I share this to stress that “Where Are They Now?” profiles are not intended to make you feel worse. Let’s hope they inspire and build community.

I’ll aim to cover a variety of journeys reflecting diversity in various ways including culture, gender, and geography. I welcome you to reach out with suggestions about whose story you’d like to see featured.

Our first story is coming very soon!

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