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As I write this on February 7, 2023, I am marking my “legacy” blog’s 8th birthday. I recorded my thoughts at the time – “whenever my inner voice asked ‘when are you going to start a cooking blog’, it was smacked down by another voice asking that challenging question – ‘does the world really need another cooking blog!?’  How did the ‘do it’ voice win?  I stumbled across a blogger who described blogging as a community – to which she welcomed new members.  I was convinced to join the community of people who love to cook and share.” With that in mind. I joined Food Bloggers of Canada founded in 2011 by Melissa Hartfiel, Ethan Adeland, and Mardi Michels. Coincidentally, FBC hosted a conference that Fall in Montreal and my community building began in earnest – at least as earnest as a nervous insecure blogger can be.

Much has changed in 8 years – new members and, since November 2021, Lily Ernst as the impressive new owner –supported by some terrific members. I’m grateful that I went to every conference since 2015 and made connections to fellow FBCers that I treasure and tap into still today.

While I am hardly the most longstanding member, there’s a chance I am one of the more sentimental and often feel dismayed that new members may not have had optimal opportunities to “meet” and learn more about the FBC community. Yes the FBC site is rich with resources but the people too are rich resources. The arc of their stories can offer inspiration and guideposts.

I am happy to undertake the FBC “Where Are They Now?” Project celebrating FBC role models. The frequency of these profiles is still TBA and it will take time to shine the light on all whose journey deserves recognition and appreciation. Stay tuned for the first instalment.

P.S. Part of me (Diane Galambos) is still that nervous blogger standing in awe of FBC colleagues. Choosing not to monetize, I have cared little about the numbers game and have not embraced every trick of the trade. I have learned that I love to write and spent the last four years as a food writer for The Hamilton Spectator – a role I stepped away from last Fall.  Readers were wishing me well with my next venture – as if I knew what it was. There’s a saying that when one door closes another opens. Magically in December, I connected with Hamilton City Magazine and joined them as a Contributor. My first column will be in their March/April edition. This FBC Project is a tribute to colleagues that comes from the heart.

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