We’re back with Restaurant Roundup for 2015! This year’s theme: Where To Eat This Weekend. Every other week we’ll be profiling a different city in Canada with a list of great dining recommendations for you to check out – from fancy to hole in the wall and everything in between! Today food blogger Kitty Tse takes us on her tour of Calgary restaurants to check out this weekend in Canada’s west!

Brunch or Lunch in Calgary

Holy Grill

Where To Eat Calgary Round 3 | Food Bloggers of Canada

Want a delicious and wholesome breakfast but you need it to go? Try Holy Grill. They serve up fresh, quality meals quickly, but feel free to sit down and enjoy if you have the time. They take your everyday, basic ingredients and transform them into incredibly flavorful dishes. They also have, in my opinion, the best smash (hash) browns in the City — perfectly crispy and the seasoning is spot on!

Holy Grill Review

Galaxie Diner

Where To Eat Calgary Round 3 | Food Bloggers of Canada

If you love the idea of an old-school diner, then you can’t miss Galaxie Diner. The Montreal Smoked Meat omelette is my absolute favorite but if that’s not your cup of tea, get the omelette of choice with an unlimited amount of fillings served with unlimited hash browns and toast for one price. Their sandwiches and burgers also hit the spot nicely. Be prepared to wait though — they’re a tiny and very busy place!

Galaxie Diner Review

Vendome Café

Where To Eat Calgary Round 3 | Food Bloggers of Canada

A café that serves up delicious drinks and actual meals, not just scones and muffins? Vendome is just such a place. They’re open all day, but most people go to brunch for their fabulous eggs Benedicts. The mushroom one is simply divine. Got a sweet tooth? It will surely be satisfied with their salted caramel bread pudding. And don’t forget the duck confit panini for the gourmet side of you!

Vendomé Cafe Review


Ikemen Ramen

Where To Eat Calgary Round 3 | Food Bloggers of Canada

A new ramen place has joined the Calgary food scene. Ikemen stands out by the fact that they use chicken as their soup base as opposed to the traditional pork base. Besides ramen, they also serve up sushi/sashimi, creative snacks like unagi (eel) poutine and innovative desserts like uni (sea urchin) ice cream.

Ikemen Ramen Review 

Q Haute

Where To Eat Calgary Round 3 | Food Bloggers of Canada

Feel like a fancy dinner? Q Haute offers multi-course experiences with ingredients carefully chosen by the chefs. Expect to be surprised by the chefs’ creativity paired with perfect execution. Not only are you guaranteed a wonderful meal, you’ll be well taken care of with the most impeccable service from the staff. You may even get a tour of the kitchen and taste some treats off the anti-griddle!

Q Haute Review

Sushi Bistro Anzu

Where To Eat Calgary Round 3 | Food Bloggers of Canada

If you enjoy traditional Japanese dishes then Anzu is not to be missed. Sure, they have your usual Japanese fare like sushi and tempura, but have you tried roasted stingray fins? Grilled welk skewers? They also have fish occasionally flown in from around the world so you can count on them for the freshest sashimi.

Sushi Bistro Anzu Review

Other Fun Places to Eat in Calgary

Happy Veggie House

Where To Eat Calgary Round 3 | Food Bloggers of Canada

People nowadays seem to be more concerned about their health, and many have chosen to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle. Although Happy Veggie House is situated in a food court inside City Plaza in Chinatown, they actually have a full serve menu. Their “meat” is usually composed of tofu and soy components and they do resemble the real thing. If you work downtown, their two- or three-item lunch is a fabulous, delicious deal.

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Cerezo Café and Bar

Where To Eat Calgary Round 3 | Food Bloggers of Canada

This house converted into a restaurant is somewhat hidden on Edmonton Trail, but be sure to find it and then be prepared to be wowed by their Japanese tapas. It’s not just the typical tapas you may find at an izakaya, but you’ll also find many dainty and flavorful dishes. Best of all, everything at Cerezo Café and Bar is made in house and from scratch. If toro (tuna belly) is your thing, you must try their toro-sashi served with their blend of truffle soy sauce. Oh, and they make great lattes too!

Cerezo Café and Bar Review

Song Huong

Where To Eat Calgary Round 3 | Food Bloggers of Canada

Craving some authentic, homestyle Vietnamese dishes? Song Huong has dishes like raw beef salad or tapioca dumplings that you probably haven’t seen at other Vietnamese restaurants. They make a really good Bún bò Huế (Hue style spicy noodle soup) that you can eat in or buy in a pot to go. Their vermicelli and rice dishes are topped with the most flavourful meats.

Song Huong Review

More Great Places to Eat This Weekend

Here are more great places to eat across Canada this weekend! Where will you be eating?

Kitty Tse is an avid foodie and food blogger at Follow My Food Trail who will try any cuisine (as long as it doesn’t involve insects). She loves finding the hidden gems or hole in the wall places and will go anywhere as long as there’s good food. She supports local, mom and pop businesses and always wants to know where her food comes from. She’s also into health and fitness, trying new things and playing with her two kids. You can also find Kitty on Twitter, Instagram, Zomato and Yelp.

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