Every so often we like to showcase a group of food loving instagrammers that everyone should know about, but probably don't.  People who have feeds full of mouthwatering dishes and beverages that make you wish you were with them sharing in their food right now!

Today, we're featuring 10 (plus a bonus!) Quebec food instagrammers who you should absolutely get to know!  How did we choose?  Well, they had to have less than 1000 followers, be active on Instagram as well as be FBC members, and have feeds that were mainly devoted to food with scrumptious photography!

We'll be checking out other provinces over the coming months for their hidden gem instagrammers but in the meantime...

...here are 10 Quebec foodie instagrammers you should meet (and follow!).

1. She Loves Biscotti

10 Quebec Food Instagrammers You Should Know

Family friendly, easy recipes are the hallmark of Maria at She Loves Biscotti and you will love her feed full of comforting favourites and healthy dishes!

2. Vert Couleur Persil

10 Quebec Food Instagrammers You Should Know

Genevieve's feed at Vert Couleur Persil is minimalist - but unlike most minimal photographers, hers is also packed with colour from her simple, healthy, mouthwatering creations!

3. Tim Chin

10 Quebec Food Instagrammers You Should Know

Tim Chin is a Montreal based professional food and wedding photographer.  You may have seen his work in Aimée Wimbush Bourque's cookbook, Brown Eggs and Jam Jars and you can find more of that food photography goodness on his IG account, timchin. 

4. The Finer Cookie

10 Quebec Food Instagrammers You Should Know

As Seinfeld said, "look to the cookie!".  Well look no further.  Kimberly at The Finer Cookie is all about the cookies - with a few bars and squares thrown in for good measure!

5. Sweet And Savoury Pursuits

10 Quebec Food Instagrammers You Should Know

The name says it all... you get your sweets and your savouries at Sweet and Savoury Pursuits - all of it beautifully photographed.  You'll wish you could reach into your screen.

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6. Evil Twin Kitchen

10 Quebec Food Instagrammers You Should Know

We all have that little devil who sits on our shoulder tempting us with chocolate cake.  Sometimes, Sonia's evil twin pops out in the kitchen and Evil Twin Kitchen showcases the results!

7. Spice + Sprout

10 Quebec Food Instagrammers You Should Know

Maya from Spice and Sprout has so much colour in her feed from all her tempting, plant based dishes that you will want to dive right in and sample!

8. Epices Miel Gourmandises

10 Quebec Food Instagrammers You Should Know

Marie-Pier is a healthy blogger sharing her beautiful and tasty dishes at Epices Miel Gourmandises.  (ever notice how the brilliantly coloured dishes are always the healthiest ones?)


9. Marisa's Italian Kitchen

10 Quebec Food Instagrammers You Should Know

There is so much homemade deliciousness on Marisa's Italian Kitchen's feed with classic Italian dishes and desserts and some of the best looking baked goods we've laid our eyes on (there's sprinkles.  We love sprinkles!)

10. Ariel Tarr

10 Quebec Food Instagrammers You Should Know

Montreal based photographer Ariel Tarr runs food photography workshops regularly in Quebec (and sometimes Ottawa and even abroad).  Her beautiful photos of food are punctuated by images of her very cute kids and behind the scenes look at photoshoots.

Bonus: Dans Mon Verre

10 Quebec Food Instagrammers You Should Know

We couldn't stop at just 10 - not when we could have wine with all that gorgeous food.  Patrick from Dans Mon Verre reviews wine - both in French and English - he'll have something perfect to suggest for your next meal!

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Hey Food Bloggers of Canada,

Thanks for the Instagram recommendations. As a foodie, I love following other foodies on social media. I haven’t heard of all of these instagrammers, so I’ll definitely be checking them out.


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