Every week we pull together some great Canadian recipes from Canadian food bloggers around the web featuring one main ingredient or dish. This week we're putting 18 twists on a classic appetizer: deviled eggs!

Collage of 3 deviled egg dishes

This recipe collection is sponsored by Egg Farmers of Canada.

Every year on October 9th we celebrate World Egg Day. It's a great way to not only celebrate the mighty egg but also to celebrate the over 1100 egg farmers from coast to coast who work so hard year round to ensure we always have a fresh supply of local eggs (there are egg farmers in every single province in Canada and the Northwest Territories!).

And lets not forget all the other people who work hard to get those eggs in our hands and inspire us to use them - transport drivers, grocery stores, restaurants, chefs, food bloggers - they all play a part!

To keep that egg inspiration going in your kitchen, we've teamed up with Egg Farmers of Canada and 17 other Canadian food bloggers this year to bring you 18 fresh takes on a classic egg dish: deviled eggs!

Deviled eggs are a favourite on every appetizer platter, every brunch table and even as a snack. This year, in celebration of it being World Egg Day, our bloggers all put a truly international spin on their deviled egg recipes. There's Spanakopita Deviled Eggs, Chinese Tea Leaf Deviled Eggs, Banh Mi Deviled Eggs, Spicy Masala Deviled Eggs and for some real fusion try the Tandoori Scotch Deviled Eggs!

We might not be able to travel right now but, wherever in the world you wish you could go tonight, we have a deviled egg for that!

1. Bacon Ranch Deviled Eggs

by Simply Stacie

A silver tray full of bacon ranch deviled eggs

Bacon Ranch Deviled Eggs by Simply Stacie are a savoury twist on classic deviled eggs. The filling is a creamy mixture of ranch dressing, bacon, Dijon mustard and chives. 

2. Spanakopita Inspired Deviled Eggs

by Mia Kouppa

A tray of spanakopita deviled eggs

Mia Kouppa puts a Greek twist on deveined eggs with these Spanakopita Inspired Deviled Eggs. All the flavours of spanakopita in a delicious little egg package.

3. Spicy Masala Deviled Eggs

by Hooked On Heat

A platter of spicy masala deviled eggs

If you've got a basic spice pantry and like a little extra heat, then you can make these Spicy Masala Deviled Eggs with an Indian twist from Hooked on Heat.

4. "Sesame Wonder" Deviled Eggs

by Eve Martel

A plate of sesame infused deviled eggs.

These Sesame and Garlic Infused Deviled Eggs from Eve Martel will delight you. The added crunch from the tiny sesame crackers makes for a perfect mix of textures.

5. Mortadella, Ricotta & Pistachio Mousse Deviled Eggs

by Mangia Bedda

a platter of mortadella, ricotta and pistachio deviled eggs.

For an Italian take on deviled eggs, Mangia Bedda created these elegant but cheesy Mortadella, Ricotta and Pistachio Mousse Deviled Eggs.

6. Chinese Tea Leaf Deviled Eggs

by Nomss

a chinese tea leaf deviled egg

Chinese Deviled Eggs with Pork Floss and Nori from Nomss are a fusion twist on the classic deviled eggs recipe bursting with umami flavours. The base is made with a smokey hard-boiled Chinese Tea Leaf Egg and upgraded with kewpie mayo, pork floss, nori flakes.

7. Moroccan Deviled Eggs

by FrugalMomEh

A platter of Moroccan Deviled Eggs

Moroccan Deviled Eggs by FrugalMomEh incorporate the flavours of cilantro and the smoky heat of harissa for a spicy treat.

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8. Tuna Salad Deviled Eggs

by Mommy Kat and Kids

a tray of tuna salad deviled eggs

Two classics come together in these Tuna Salad Deviled Eggs by Mommy Kat and Kids. They're sure to be a hit with the whole family.

9. Pumpkin Patch Deviled Eggs

by The Best of This Life

A plate of pumpkin patch deviled eggs

You can make these Pumpkin Patch Deviled Eggs from The Best of This Life with our without pumpkin. Either way, they're a fun, seasonal treat you can make with kids!

10. Huevos Rancheros Deviled Eggs

by The Honour System

A plate of Huevos Rancheros Deviled Eggs

Take a favourite brunch dish and turn it into deviled eggs like The Honour System with these Huevos Rancheros Deviled Eggs.

11. Banh Mi Style Deviled Eggs

by Food Meanderings

a plate of banh mi style deviled eggs

These Banh Mi Style Deviled Eggs from Food Meanderings are bursting with all the fresh flavours of a Banh Mi: mint, cilantro, carrots, cucumbers and onions!

12. Curry Deviled Eggs

by Girl Heart Food

A plate full of curry deviled eggs

Turn up the heat a little with these Curry Deviled Eggs by Girl Heart Food, made with a creamy, curry spice mixture, green onion and some fresh lime juice.

13. Tandoori Scotch Deviled Eggs

by Kravings

a tray of tandoori scotch deviled eggs

What happens when you take a Scotch egg, a deviled egg and mix them together with some Indian flair? You get a Tandoori Scotch Deviled Egg likes these ones from Kravings!

14. Mediterranean Deviled Eggs

by Exploring Healthy Foods

 A plate of Mediterranean Deviled Eggs

These Mediterranean Deviled Eggs by Exploring Healthy Foods are made with a fresh, tangy Tzatziki dressing and come together oh so quickly!

15. Instant Pot Deviled Eggs with Smoked Salmon

by Carmy

A plate of deviled eggs with smoked salmon and bagel chips

These bagels and lox inspired deviled eggs from Carmy wouldn't be amiss at brunch, lunch or dinner - and they use an Instant Pot too!

16. Sriracha Deviled Eggs

by Kelly Neil

A top down photo of sriracha deviled eggs

Take deviled eggs and add some Genoa salami, sun dried tomatoes and Sriracha and you'll have these zingy Sriracha Deviled Eggs from Kelly Neil!

17. Guacamole Deviled Eggs

by Bake Eat Repeat

a plate of guacamole deviled eggs

Take everyone's favourite dip and combine it with everyone's favourite appy and what do you have? Guacamole Deviled Eggs from Bake Eat Repeat!

18. French Dressing Deviled Eggs

by Food Bloggers of Canada

A platter of french dressing deviled eggs.

Take a recipe for Grandma's treasured Piquant French Dressing and turn it into these zingy French Dressing Deviled Eggs from Food Bloggers of Canada.

We hope you enjoyed this collection of fresh twists on a classic appetizer! You'll have no shortage of ways to spice up your appetizer and snack platters!

Thank you to all the FBC Members who helped us celebrate World Egg Day with an truly international flair!

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Amazing list. I really couldn’t believe that we can make so many dishes from boiled eggs.
Thanks for sharing it.

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