Every week we pull together some great Canadian recipes from Canadian food bloggers around the web featuring one main ingredient or dish. This week we're celebrating World Egg Day with 15 Egg Recipes that you can eat any time of day!

15 Egg Recipes For Dinner | Food Bloggers of Canada

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October 11th is World Egg Day and we're big fans of eggs around here. They're a pantry staple, a meal prepper's dream and the perfect solution when you need a filling meal fast!

And they're not just for breakfast! Think outside the carton - you can use eggs any time of day like these 15 egg dishes will show.  They're all dinner worthy, delicious and easy. Most of them are really quick to make or can be prepped ahead of time too.

Tacos for the kids? Check! A salad that east like a meal? Check! A drippy, yolk sandwich? Check!

Not to mention one pan dinners and bakes, curries, Tex-Mex flavours, an egg drop soup and a Ukrainian egg dish the every pierogie lover will be excited about.

There are over 1000 egg farming families across Canada who work hard every day to produce the very best eggs in the world.  This past year was actually 12th consecutive year of growth in egg sales in Canada - topping out at 752 million dozen eggs in 2018! Canadians love their eggs and with recipes like these, you can see why!

For even more great egg ideas check out our:

1. Shakshuka Spaghetti Bake

by Food Girl In Town

Shakshuka Spaghetti Bake | Food Girl in Town

If you like a good mashup or fusion dish then you'll love Food Girl in Town's Shakshuka Spaghetti Bake. It make a great brunch dish that will impress your guests but it's also a fabulous dinner recipe that everyone will love!

2 Sweet Potato Egg Skillet with Kale & Peppers

by Bewitchin' Kitchen

Sweet Potato Egg Skillet | Bewitchin Kitchen

Eggs can make for a super fast and easy meal like this Sweet Potato Egg Skillet with Kale and Peppers from Bewitchin' Kitchen. Best part is, you can customize it with whatever veggies you like or have on hand (great way to clear out the fridge on a weeknight!).

3.  Egg Drop Soup with Sweet Corn and Crab

by Simply Beautiful Eating

Egg Drop Soup with Sweet Corn and Crab

Simply Beautiful Eating also went for a bit of a mashup with her Egg Drop Soup with Sweet Corn and Crab. It's a fusion of Catonese style egg drop soup, sweet corn and crab soup and it's garnished with dim sum dumplings!  Perfect for dinner on a cool evening!

4. Ukrainian Style Eggs For Dinner

by Food Meanderings

Ukrainian Style Eggs For Dinner | Food Bloggers of Canada

If you love pierogies then you are going to love Ukrainian Style EggsFood Meanderings has filled them with all the good things you'll find in pierogies but they're way faster, easier and healthier to make!

5. Easy Egg Curry

by Maple and Marigold

Easy Egg Curry | Maple and Marigold

Even on a hectic weeknight you can make this delicious North Indian style Easy Egg Curry from Maple and Marigold.  (hard boil the eggs ahead of time for a short cut!). This fragrant spicy dish is a favourite in her family and we bet it will be for yours too!

6. Egg Stuffed Acorn Squash

by Girl Heart Food

Egg Stuffed Roasted Acorn Squash | Girl Heart Food

This Egg Stuffed Roasted Acorn Squash Recipe from Girl Heart Food combines tender squash, rice, sweet cranberries and a perfectly cooked sunny-side up egg. This scrumptious fall recipe can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

7. Sheet Pan Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs and Sausage

by Noshing with the Nolands

Sheet Pan Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs and Sausage | Noshing with the Nolands

This scrumptious recipe of Sheet Pan Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs and Sausage by Noshing with the Nolands will feed a crowd and takes no time at all to pull together. The eggs can be cooked to your liking just by leaving the hash in the oven for a shorter or longer time!

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8. Egg Tacos with Smoked Salmon

by Homemade and Yummy

Egg Tacos with Smoked Salmon | Homemade and Yummy

These easy scrambled Egg Tacos with Smoked Salmon and Capers from Homemade and Yummy are perfect for lunch or dinner. Once you taste the combination of eggs and smoked salmon, this just might become your one of your new favourite egg recipes.

9. Easy Bacon and Egg Salad Wraps

by Mommy Kat and Kids

Bacon and Egg Salad Wrap | Mommy Kat and Kids

Put a twist on the classic egg salad sandwich with Mommy Kat and Kids' Easy Bacon and Eggs Salad Wraps! Elevate your usual egg salad recipe with this quick and easy but so delicious version for your next lunch!

10. Vegetarian Pad Thai

by Exploring Healthy Foods

Vegetarian Pad Thai | Exploring Healthy Foods

This Vegetarian Pad Thai by Exploring Healthy Foods is made with fresh, simple ingredients and is ready in less than 30 minutes! The base of the recipe is brown pad thai rice noodles tossed with vegetables in a simple sauce. An egg pulls everything together in this recipe creating a thick, traditional pad thai dish.

11. Tex-Mex Egg and Chickpea Rice Bowls

by Pepper and Pennies

These budget conscious Tex-Mex Egg & Chickpea Rice Bowls from Peppers and Pennies are full of Tex-Mex flavour and come together in the time it takes to make a pot of rice! Enjoy these  or a busy weeknight meal.

12. Omelette dans une Tasse au fromage de chèvre & tomates séchées

by Wooloo

When you want a quick and uncomplicated lunch you need to try Wooloo's Omelette in a Cup with Goat Cheese and Sun Dried Tomatoes - although you can easily customize it with add-ins that are a perfect match for your lunch time craving! (original post is in French but Google Chrome will translate it for you lickety split!)

13. Crispy Buffalo Chicken Cobb Salad

by My Daily Randomness by Brittany Stager

Crispy Buffalo Chicken Cobb Salad | My Daily Randomness

This Crispy Buffalo Chicken Cobb Salad by My Daily Randomness might just become your go-to lunch because it’s so easy to pull together! You can meal prep all the ingredients on Sunday – cooking and chopping everything – and then store it all in individual containers. When lunchtime rolls around take everything out of the fridge, toss it into a bowl, dress, and eat!

14. Hard Boiled Eggs from Monday to Friday

by Life In Pleasantville

Hard Boiled Eggs | Life in Pleasantville

Hard boiled eggs are a lifesaver.  They are a meal prep dream - you can cook a big batch on Sunday and keep them in the fridge for quick, healthy snacks or to add a protein boost to so many dishes in a flash.  Life In Pleasantville gives you 5 great ideas to Use Hard Boiled Eggs from Monday to Friday!

15. The Grilled Cheese Toad in the Hole Sandwich

by Food Bloggers of Canada

Toad in the Hole Grilled Cheese Sandwich | Food Bloggers of Canada

Everyone loves grilled cheese and who doesn't love a gorgeous, drippy yellow egg yolk? Put them together for a perfectly yolky, cheesy, Toad in the Hole Grilled Cheese Sandwich that's pure comfort food!

A big thank you to all our FBC Members who participated in this week's World Egg Day recipe project.


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