You can never have enough inspiration when it comes to holiday entertaining which is why we've pulled together this great collection of Thanksgiving recipes and entertaining ideas from Canadian food bloggers.

Thanksgiving Entertaining Recipe Ideas | Food Bloggers of Canada

Canadian Thanksgiving is perfectly positioned to make the most of the incredible bounty that Canadian producers harvest every summer and fall - truly giving us something to be thankful for.

Whether you're cooking your first Thanksgiving dinner and need tips on how to wrangle that turkey into the oven or you want put a new twist on a classic favourite, we've got lots of great Thanksgiving recipe and entertaining ideas just for you!

Brined Turkey | Rock Recipes

Barry from Rock Recipes kicks it off with this beautiful Orange and Clove Brined Roast Turkey. Perfect for your first attempt at a classic turkey dinner!

My Island Kitchen Bistro - Pumpkin Pie

If you're looking to entertain a crowd, Barbara at My Island Bistro Kitchen  shared her perfect PEI Thanksgiving Menu.

Baking Beauties crustless pumpkin pie

Jeanine at The Baking Beauties has a beautiful, gluten-free crustless pumpkin pie that's perfect for if you have some gluten-free family members or guests!

concord grape pie - the messy baker

But if pumpkin pie isn't your jam or you just want more than one pie option, Charmian at The Messy Baker shared one of her family's traditions, Concord Grape Pie.

apple pie | jam packed goodness

Carrie from Jam Packed Goodness demonstrates her love for apple pie with this cute heart cut out crust that will wow your guests!

Sugar n Stuff Ombre Pumpkin Frozen Dessert

If you want something other than pie but still want that pumpkin flavour, then Leigh-Ann at Sugar n' Stuff has Ombre Pumpkin Frozen Dessert.

Within The Kitchen turkey

The bird is always the focus and Ceecee at Within The Kitchen has this brined turkey looking beautiful.

Mushroom Stuffing Cups | Noshing with the Nolands

For a vegetarian stuffing option, Tara at Noshing With the Nolands shared these Vegetarian Mushroom Stuffing Cups that will delight your guests who would appreciate a meat free alternative!

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Food Gypsy Attitude of Gratitude Apple Goji Berry Pie

Cori and the crew at Food Gypsy shared this twist on apple pie with Apple Goji Berry Pie.


Alanna at One. Tough. Cookie shared her recipe for Pumpkin Pie Perfection - and the photos certainly backs up the claim!

pumpkin apple drink | vanilla and spice

You can't entertain without a cocktail and Genevieve at Vanilla & Spice brought the cocktails to the party with her Pumpkin Apple Cider Cocktail.

Emma Eats | apple spice layer cake

And for another alternative to pie, Liz from Emma Eats shared this beautiful, dairy-free apple spice layer cake with brown sugar cinnamon frosting.

turkey | hungry nomad

Tala at The Hungry Nomad shared another beautiful bird along with some of her other favourite Thanksgiving recipes perfect for entertaining..

peach and dried cranberry chutney | Cooking with Thas

You can never have too many sides and this Peach and Dried Cranberry Chutney comes from Thas at Cooking With Thas.

lefovers from Keep Calm and Eat On

And we can't forget leftovers like Curried Turkey Pie from Debjani at Keep Calm and Eat On!

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For more great Thanksgiving ideas, be sure to check out our Pinterest Thanksgiving board full of member's ideas!

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A Canadian Foodie

BRILLIANT! BRAVO! To see this array of Canadian Thanksgiving food from our Canadian writers displayed with such visual splendor has me overwhelmed this morning. Absolutely stunning and oh oh OH CANADA!
I am so upset that I did not get my links in! I wanted to know how to do the 610 photo exactly – and with dad in the hospital and so much going on that way, did research how – but wasn’t successful – didn’t finish getting that research done. Tried, and it wasn’t working. Darn! I had my homemade cranberry sauce that is so easy – the dressing – maybe that is what you will showcase tomorrow… and how to make a great gravy… all so traditional. I am really enjoying the out of the box ideas above as much as the traditional ones.


That’s too bad Valerie. Really, any piece of photo editing software should let you crop down to your specified dimensions: photoshop, photoshop elements, lightroom. If you don’t have any photo editing software you can use picmokey on-line. It’s free. Here’s a quick, two minute tutorial on how to crop in picmonkey:

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