As part of FBC’s 5th anniversary we’re sharing a special 24-day Holiday Countdown from December 1st to the 24th. We’re going back in time to reconnect with some very special FBC Members. These Canadian food bloggers were among the very first FBCers to be showcased in our Friday Featured Blogger series that still runs today (we’ve featured almost 250 bloggers in five years!).

Countdown to the Holidays Day 18: Simple Bites | Food Bloggers of Canada

Where are they now? And how do they celebrate the holidays? Today we visit with Aimée Wimbush-Bourque of Simple Bites (you can read our original feature with Aimée here from February 3, 2012.

Countdown to the Holidays Day 15: Simple Bites | Food Bloggers of Canada

Name: Aimée Wimbush-Bourque

Blog Name: Simple Bites

How has your blog evolved over the past five years?

Nourishing family recipes has always been my focus, and still remains a big part of my blog’s identity, although I will say I have relaxed a bit over the years. There are a few less restrictions, a few more indulgences, but overall my recipes reflect a seasonal, balanced diet. I’ve relaxed in my writing too, as my readers respond warmly to personal stories as well as the technical how-to. Most of all, I’ve learned to have fun with the blog, and I truly do, with every single post.

Oh! And I’m posting less often. I published 3x/week for years, and now am quite happy with posting once a week. I think people are reading blogs a little less, too, so cutting back from my strict posting schedule makes sense.

What’s your favourite holiday tradition?

Christmas morning brunch around our table is a cherished time I have carved out for us over time, and fiercely fight for each year. We fly hither and yon the rest of the day, but for a few hours, in the early morning, we are cozied up with coffee, fruit and madeleines – and presents.

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Share a favourite holiday recipe with our readers

Countdown to the Holidays Day 15: Simple Bites | Food Bloggers of Canada

I utterly adore these festive madeleines. They are a buttery, soft-spiced cake, studded with currants, slivers of almonds and a hint of candied orange peel, that makes a perfectly elegant holiday treat for breakfast, afternoon tea or dessert.

What are the must-have staples in your holiday pantry?

Everything to make the above madeleines. Gin, lemons and prosecco for French 75’s. Everything to throw together an impressive cheese board. A massive stash of cookies.

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