Every week we pull together some great Canadian recipes from Canadian food bloggers around the web featuring one main ingredient or dish. This week we're featuring one of summer's most prolific herbs, dill! You'll be all set to use it up with this collection of dill recipes.

18 Ways to Cook with Dill Recipe Collage

If you've ever grown dill in your garden, you know how quickly it can take over and how easily it reseeds itself. But that's ok because dill is also a very versatile herb. Thanks to the popularity of dill pickles almost everyone is familiar with the flavour profile of dill but, there's much more you can do with it besides make pickles (but check out the tutorial below on how to make small batch dill pickles if you've always wanted to try making your own!).

You can use almost the entire dill plant - the feathery leaves are perfect for using in soups, dips, salads, dressings, breads, savoury muffins and biscuits or as seasoning for fish and white meats. But you can also use the seed pods in pickling and different types of breads and savoury cakes.

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In the meantime, let's get cooking with dill!

1. Dill-icious Garlic Scape Relish

by Dish 'n' the Kitchen

Hotdogs with Dill and Garlic Scape Relish | Dish 'n' the Kitchen

Make your own relish for the summer with Dish 'n' the Kitchen's great take on it. This Dill-icious Garlic Scape Relish is great for summer hotdogs, burgers and sandwiches!

2. Lohikeitto - Easy Finnish Salmon Soup

by Bacon is Magic

Finnish Salmon Soup | Bacon is Magic

Dill is an ingredient that can really take your soups to the next level. Bacon is Magic's Lohikeitto is a creamy, traditional Finnish salmon soup with a rich but delicate flavour. This is one you'll want to make on cold winter evenings!

3. Dill Pickle Potato Salad

by Lord Byron's Kitchen

Dill Pickle Potato Salad | Lord Byron's Kitchen

It's is not summer with potato salad and it's not potato salad without dill! Lord Bryon's Kitchen's Dill Pickle Potato Salad might just be your new favourite potato salad this year.

4. Dill Pickle Pizza

by Food Meanderings

Dill Pickle Pizza | Food Meanderings

If you've got a hankering for carnival or festival food this year it might be on you to make your own. But Food Meanderings has you covered  with Dill Pickle Pizza - a favourite of hers from the Calgary Stampede.

5. Dill and Shallot Lemony Yogurt Dip

by My Kitchen Love

Dill and Shallot Lemon Yogurt Dip | My Kitchen Love

This Dill and Shallot Lemony Yogurt Dip from My Kitchen Love is the perfect side to chips! It's light, lemony, and packed with dill and shallots. This dip won’t weigh you down.

6. How To Make Dill Pickles

by My Island Bistro Kitchen

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How to Make Dill Pickles | My Island Bistro Kitchen

Dill pickles are a summer canning staple and one of the easiest pickles you can make. This small batch How to Make Dill Pickles tutorial from My Island Bistro Kitchen is a great one if you want to make your first batch of dill pickles!

7. No Knead Dill Bread

by The Wine Lovers Kitchen

No Knead Dill Bread | Wine Lover's Kitchen

No Knead Dill Bread from The Wine Lover's Kitchen is a perfect way to use up all that summer dill that can go crazy in your garden when it gets going. This bread is moist (from ricotta cheese) and dense and delicious!

8. Creamy Prawn and Dill Wedge Salad

by Jo and Sue

Prawn and Dill Wedge Salad | Jo & Sue

Wedge salads are delightfully refreshing - especially on hot summer days. They're also simple which is great when it's too hot to think clearly. Try this Creamy Prawn and Dill Wedge Salad from Jo and Sue.

9. Vegan Tzatziki

by Plantily

Vegan Tztaziki | Plantily

This Vegan Tzatziki by Plantily is a refreshing, creamy dip that everyone can enjoy. Just make sure you have lots of dippables on hand so everyone gets to try it!

10. Macaroni Dill Salad

by Simply Stacie

Macaroni Dill Salad | Simply Stacie

This Macaroni Dill Salad by Simply Stacie makes a great summer side dish for grilling and BBQs. It's also a great way to use fresh dill and radishes from the garden for that zippy flavour.

11. Shrimp Salad with Lemon Dill Dressing

by Kitchen Frau

Shrimp Salad | Kitchen Frau

This Shrimp Salad with a fresh dill and lemon dressing from Kitchen Frau is the made for summer. Pack it up as part of a picnic or serve it as a quick and easy meal at home.

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18 Ways to Cook with Dill Recipe Collage

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