Nourish Cookbook Giveaway | Food Bloggers of Canada

We love it whenever we get to celebrate the launch of new cookbooks by FBC Members.  And it's even more fun when we have copies to give away for lucky readers!

So we're very excited to congratulate FBCer Cara Rosenbloom, RD on the launch of her new book, Nourish: Whole Food Recipes Featuring Seeds, Nuts and Beansin collaboration with vegetarian chef Nettie Cronish.

Nourish Giveaway | Food Bloggers of Canada


Nourish revolves around the concept of eating a variety of whole unprocessed foods that are close to nature because eating well doesn’t hinge on a pinch of calcium here and a dose of vitamin C there. And, of course, what's the point of eating well unless everything tastes amazing!

Nettie and Cara have combined their talents to incorporate seeds, nuts and beans as vegetarian protein sources into familiar foods that everyone will enjoy, such as salmon crusted with sesame seeds, and pesto made with cannellini beans.

Nourish Giveaway | Food Bloggers of Canada

You don’t need to be vegetarian to reap the health benefits of these whole food ingredients. In Nourish, seeds, nuts and beans are added to meat and vegetarian dishes alike for the best of both worlds.

You are sure to find a few new favourites in this well thought-out book. Try Moroccan chicken and pistachio-studded quinoa; black bean breakfast burritos; or beets with spicy goat cheese and pumpkin seed pralines.

Nourish Giveaway | Food Bloggers of Canada

You Can Win A Copy of Nourish

Thanks to the folks at Whitecap Books, we have three copies of Nourish to give away to some lucky FBC readers.

Enter by commenting below and telling us your favourite way to use beans, seeds or nuts in your meals.  You can gain additional entries with social shares!  You have until April 15th to enter.

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Contest is open to Canadian residents only.  Winners will be notified by email and must respond within 48 hours of email notification.  The winners will be required to answer a skill-testing answer.  Three prizes, each consisting of one copy of Nourish, are available to be won. Retail value of each prize: $30CDN.


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so easy to add beans, nuts and seeds to a meal!! Beans in a wrap! Nuts on a salad! Seeds on oatmeal!

Ruby BB

We use lentils,beans a lot in our Indian cooking. Also I like adding kidney beans to meat sauces & chickpeas to veggie tomato based pasta sauces.


This is fantastic! This cook book looks like it filled with delicious ideas. I like to incorporate nuts into my baking. Love the crunch they add.


I use lentils and beans in most meals for protein sources – in burgers, soups, salads, and sometimes breads or sweets. Seeds and nuts for extra protein and crunch in baking or on salads and stews.

Michelle L.

I sprinkle all sorts of toasted seeds/nuts on top of soups/salads/quiches to give it that extra crunch and texture, plus the taste of earthiness is awesome!

Amber Y

I treat beans like rice and use them as a bed under meats and vegetables. Nuts and seeds make wonderful garnishes and add delicious texture to dishes of all kinds!


I use nuts, seeds and beans probably everyday. They are great snacks, in baking such and cookies and granola bars, in breakfast granola, hummus or dips, soups – they are so versatile we just add them in everywhere!

Julie Knoblauch

I like to add some seeds onto salads and use beans in chili which my family loves.


We love chickpeas and add them to salads and pasta and chickpea burgers. My daughter eats beans and chickpeas straight up or any form, she loves them.


I always put ground flax in my oatmeal – as well as in oatmeal cookies! I love beans so always put them in soup, salads and keep working on ways to improve my veggie burger, with different beans as the main ingredient!


I love granola on yogurt. In fact, this was considered dessert when my kids were young.


I love adding granola (with seeds & nuts) on top of ice cream!! It adds a fantastic crunch and is an added bonus! Adding them to salads, or mixing flaxseeds in with breadcrumbs for crunchy toppings on casseroles.


Beans are a staple in vegan mains in our household, while I use nuts and seeds for nutrition boosts in all sorts of dishes.

Linda Hoff

I enjoy nuts and seeds in salads and add chopped nuts into yogurt for a protein and flavour boost. The new book looks terrific.


I love beans in big one-pot meals like soups and stews. Nuts and seeds get tossed into salads all the time!


Nuts are my go-to snack, and I also enjoy them in salads. I have to limit beans, because of the purines, but I like hummus and baked bean dishes.


I love making my own nut milk and creamer from hazelnuts and almonds, and sour cream from cashews. Seeds get thrown into all kinds of smoothies, and beans into soups and chilis.

Irene L

I like to incorporate beans by making a puree for dipping vegetables like hummus with chick peas or white navy bean dips.

Erika Letson

My favourite way is to mash beans, especially black beans, and put them in tons of stuff, like spaghetti and casseroles. My kids never notice!

Pearl Saban

I love using nu5s and seed to sprinkle in my salads, soup or even cereal. I love the texture, crunch and flavors together.

Diana Powell

I would say on top of salads not only does it add flavour but it makes you feel more full.

Lynda Cook

I love adding nuts to my stir fry’s, love the crunch of them and for salads I will put in a can of chick peas or white navy beans, but black beans have started to become one of my favourites too!!!

Ann Kieswetter

I add beans to soups & stews, seeds in my morning smoothie & nuts for baking & snacking.

Catherine Burke

I love adding nuts to my smoothies & adding beans to soups & stews.


Barb Parker

I always add a mixture of seeds to a salad and I add ground flax to homemade pasta sauce to add extra fiber.

Kim K

I love to eat a handful of nuts, sprinkle seeds on salads and pasta and beans are great to add to soups and casseroles.


I use beans in my soup and stews, I add nuts and seeds to salads and baking.

Patrick Beliveau

I bake chickpeas and add it to vegetables and rice for dinner.. great added texture and healthy too.


Honestly, just snacking on them! My husband has a power breakfast everyday that consists of a handful of nuts with dark chocolate. I love throwing them in stir-fry when I need an extra boost.


I always top my lunchtime salad with raw sunflower seeds. My husband likes pumpkin seeds on his morning cereal. I also like garbanzo beans in my salads for protein.

Andrea Amy

I like to add beans to my soups, chilis, stews and anything mexican. When I make tacos or enchiladas,I always include black beans in with the meat. So good. I love kidney beans, black beans, black eye peas, chick peas, navy beans. All delicious.

Chris MacDonald

I sprinkle nuts on my salads to add texture, crunch and great taste!

Sandra Mcg

i love to add beans to my soups and salads. I also like to whiz them up and add them to my baking. love adding toasted nuts and seeds to my salads for a nice crunch and great flavour

Lisa Wilson

I love to add seeds and nuts to salads of all kinds and to my egg dishes, also to cookies and cakes for great taste and texture as well as for the protein they provide.

Amanda Masters

We put beans, lentils and chia seeds in our mommy daughter world famous chili! It’s a great way to get kids to eat them when they throw them in the pot!

Joanne J

I often add ground flaxseed or almonds to muffin & pancake batter, and we love to saute beans with greens and eat them on toast!

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