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What better way to end the week with some fantastic FBC2014 Sponsor Announcements?  And we have four very exciting partners to announce today that we are looking forward to working with tremendously over the coming months.  They all have lots of exciting things planned for all our attendees.  You can check out more about our existing sponsors, our speakers and ticket info (early bird pricing is in effect until May 31st!)

Platinum Sponsor: Blend & Extend

Blend & Extend FBC2014 Sponsor

Blend & Extend is a partnership between Mushrooms Canada and Ontario Beef that's all about combining mushrooms and beef in recipes to bring another serving of vegetables to the plate, add volume to meals, lighten up family favourites and extend portions. Finely chopped mushrooms look similar and blend seamlessly with ground beef and are a powerful combination. The possibilities are endless no matter how you blend ’em.

Mushrooms Canada has long been a tremendous supporter of FBC and we are very happy to working with them again throughout 2014 and happy to welcome Ontario Beef as a new sponsor!

Mushrooms & Beef on Social Media:

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Silver Sponsor: Appetite by Random House

Appetite by Random House | FBC2014 Sponsor

We  are already thrilled to have Robert McCullough, publisher of Appetite and Vice President of Random House Canada speaking with Tara O'Brady at FBC2014.  Having Vancouver based Appetite come on board as a silver sponsor was the icing on the cake.

Butter Baked Goods

And speaking of cake...word has it that Appetite will be bringing Vancouver's own Rosie Daykin's Butter Baked Goods Cafe to FBC2014!

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Random House Canada on Social Media:

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Bronze Sponsor: Raincoast Books

Raincoast Books | FBC2014 Sposor

We're also happy to bring Raincoast Books to FBC2014 this year as a Bronze level sponsor.  Also based out of Vancouver, Raincoast will have lots of cookbook goodies to share with our attendees.  We're very pleased to bring some terrific Vancouver based companies on board for our first west coast conference!  Here's just a sample of the some of the titles that might be popping up that weekend!

Raincoast Books | FBC2014 Sposor

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Contributing Sponsor: Chicken Farmers of Canada

Chicken Farmer's of Canada - FBC2014

Chicken Farmer's of Canada is another new sponsor to FBC and we're very pleased to welcome them to FBC2014 as a contributing sponsor!

Chicken Farmers of Canada on Social Media:

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Anna (Hidden Ponies)

I have the Butter cookbook and LOOOVE it – so excited about Appetite and the possibility of Rosie Daykin being there! I need to make those dates work.

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