What do Dinner For the Dead at the Waldorf Hotel and Mac n Cheese have in common?

They're both recent topics of conversation on Vancouver Bits and Bites - a Vancouver food blog written by Mary Sheridan, aka MaryinVancity.

Mary takes her food seriously but she has a sense of humor about everything else.  Her blog is chock full of reviews and posts on dining in Vancouver - everything from street meat to fine dining to the local cocktail scene.  She covers it all!  And her food reviews aren't just limited to Metro Vancouver.  If she's on the road, you'll see food posts from all her travels.

What makes her blog so fun though, are all the little posts tucked in between the food ones on Vancouver history, pop culture, events and the local arts scene. You get a true sense of the city as well as it's food.

So, if you live on the west coast, are planning a visit or, you just love reading about Vancouver, Vancouver Bits and Bites is a great place to soak up some local flavour (pun intended)

Oh, and I'm not 100% sure, but I think it's possible she may also be a Vancouver Canucks fan.  It's so hard to tell with those Vancouver people sometimes ;0)

And thanks to Mary's blog, I am soooo going to check out Suika and that Chinese Poutine:

Chinese Poutine from Suika Restaurant

Vancouver Bits and Bites

Twitter: MaryinVancity

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