Whenever we're close to hitting a milestone membership number we always eagerly await seeing who it will be and what day it will happen.  We knew that 400 would likely hit this week so it was just a matter of waiting.

So let's roll out the red carpet welcome to Jen, the Fit Housewife!  Welcome Jen!

Jen blogs out of Calgary, where she has 3 young boys all 6 and under.  And you just know that with 3 boys that young, you need to be in fighting form to keep up with them.  Jen shares fitness tips, including her weekly workout schedule, her challenges (like many of us) at maintaining her weight, and her self-confessed lululemon addiction with her readers.

Ginger Chicken Pizza

Her Fun Facts Friday posts give you a little bit of insight into Jen's family life, like the many... ahem... unique properties of beets...

But the heart of The Fit Housewife is definitely food - lots of great, easy ideas to keep her family eating tasty, healthy dishes like her ginger chicken pizza which can be easily made two ways to satisfy different tastes.

Jen shares her weekly menu plans each weeks with links to the recipes she's using for a great quick resource for anyone looking for a little weekly cooking inspiration.

But if you're worried a few indulgences don't pop up now and then, don't worry... how about this delicious No-Bake Chocolate Torte?  Looks pretty yummy and it's not as bad for you as you might think!

So be sure to check Jen's blog out and welcome her aboard to FBC.  And congrats on being number 400 Jen!

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You can find The Fit Housewife on Facebook and Twitter

photos courtesy of The Fit Housewife


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