I can't remember exactly which Toronto food event I first met Tonya from What's on my Plate? but I remember we hit it off immediately.  We share a love for Paris, travel and macarons so clearly it was a friendship meant to be!  Tonya's a bit of a food blog pioneer - she's been at it since 2007!  Back then, Tonya was freelancing in the TV world, and started her blog as a way to keep her writing up and keep a sort of electronic recipe box.  Over the past 5 years WOMP has become a space where she shares recipes from other books or bloggers, what she's making herself, where she's eating in Toronto, what she eats when she travels.  She even has a balcony garden which she occasionally updates us on.

Apart from having a bit of a green thumb (she grew STRAWBERRIES, people. On a balcony!!!), Tonya's also an accomplished cook and baker.  She's open to eating most things (although does not love cucumbers or raisins) and loves to make things from scratch.  To-date she's made her own vanilla extract, bacon, sausage, and preserves!  She's definitely a fan of “real” ingredients and she loves butter (this is perhaps why we are friends, Tonya!) and cream. She's passionate about  all things local and tries to eat seasonally as much as possible.

Check out some of those "from scratch" projects:

Honey garlic bacon (made with an indoor smoker!)

Breakfast sausage patties (for Charcutepalooza)

Homemade ginger ale

She's even made Momofuku's famous "crack pie"

And let's not forget her cinnamon macarons (though all her macarons are beautiful!)

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She makes beautiful food, travels regularly and blogs about her adventures, yet is loyal to the city she calls home, Toronto, supporting local events, restaurants (and wineries!).  And a sweet person to boot! If you're not already, you can follow Tonya on Twitter, follow What's on my Plate  on Twitter or for quick bites follow Tonya on Instagram.

And hey, right now Tonya's giving away a copy of Gail Simmons' new book "Talking with my Mouth Full" - enter to win a copy today (and read her interview with Gail)!

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