Admitting you have a problem is always the first step, right? Well, in Stella’s case, this self-coined Toronto “Food Junkie” has admitted to her problem and tackles her food addiction on a daily basis with gusto and a lot of fun.

A “Food Junkie” indeed judging by her 200 and counting Dining Out links! The list of reviews is impressive, if for no other reason than the variety of them all. The range includes afternoon tea with her mother at the Fairmount Royal York, sitting at the counter of Schwartz’s in Montreal and eating (in this former Montrealer’s opinion) the best smoked meat in existence or sharing a birthday with her friends but they can’t touch the cake until it’s been photographed!

Stella is open to any and all experiences. Like a good reviewer, she is not hesitant to voice her displeasure if a meal or service has let her down but will hand out praise when it’s warranted. As a reader, it’s appreciated when it’s clear the reviewer walks into every restaurant with an open mind and a hungry stomach.

Even with all the restaurants out there, a food junkie needs to eat at home as well. But really, who needs to go out when you can whip up your own Honey Pan Fried Chicken Wings? However, even a food junkie knows when to take a break from going all out and when a Candied Walnut Gorgonzola salad is the perfect compromise. With regards to the salad, Stella sums it up quite eloquently, “I'm just trying to eat healthier on the days when I'm not out stuffing my face at restaurants. Simple as that.”

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Wise words from a food junkie who has embraced her problem!

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Your link to the food junkie blog is incorrect. It ends in .com and reroutes to an ad space. The actual blog address ends in .net.

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