Tips For Breaking In To The World Of Video Blogging

There is no question that video blogging is on the rise and with that comes creating a YouTube or Vimeo channel to house all your useful videos.  But where do you begin?  And how do you begin?

Video blogging is one of the most significant blogging trends we've seen over the last year but it also seems to be one of the most intimidating.  If you're a writer or a photographer, the thought of appearing in front of a camera can be terrifying.  Not to mention, equipment, filming, sound and editing - it's a whole new and different skill set to learn - one that most of us are not familiar with at all!

So where do you start?  Well we're going to hand it over to Karen at Kravings Blog on the occasion of her video blog's first anniversary.  She jumped in at the deep end and learned how to swim and she tells us all how she survived with lots of great advice:

If you're a blogger looking to break into the world of video blogging - brace yourself. It's a lot of hard work but the experience is truly rewarding. To celebrate my first year, I am documenting my experiences in the hope it will give others the courage to take that first crucial step.

To read the rest of Karen's experience, click through to My First Year as a Video Blogger: Thrills, Chills, Bills and No Frills

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