The following post is sponsored by Half Your Plate, a nation-wide initiative to get Canadians eating more fruits and veggies, something we wholeheartedly support.  We're encouraging FBC Members (and all Canadians) to get the word out on their blogs and to their readers that by simply filling "half their plates" with fruits and veggies at every meal and snack, they're well on their way to a healthier diet!

Fill Your Half Your Plate With Fruits and Veggies | Food Bloggers of Canada

Have you ever taken a close look at the make-up of your plate? The truth is, most of us need to eat more fruits and veggies.

In fact, a recent study showed that fewer and fewer Canadians are getting the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables every day. Statistics Canada reported that in 2011 only 40.4% of Canadians aged 12 and older consumed fruit and vegetables five or more times per day. Consumption rose gradually from 2001-2009, where it peaked at 45.6% of the population reaching the level of five or more daily servings, but it has been on the decline since then.

We love fruits and veggies, and we want all Canadians to be just as enthusiastic as we are! Half Your Plate was created to help people understand how easy it can be to get more fruits and veggies into their diet. We believe that by filling half your plate at every meal and snack, you’ll be on your way to healthier eating without having to count portions.

All The Fruit & Veggies Resources You Need!

Half Your Plate focuses on improving food skills by showing Canadians how to prep all kinds of fruits and veggies while providing them with fresh, simple recipes. We also want to teach people that eating produce on a tight budget can be easy if you’re equipped with the right tips and recipes, and that storing produce properly is one of the keys to success. For example, look at the graphic below to see just how much produce you can get for just 10$!

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Click on the image to see in more detail!

We feel like we’re preaching to the converted here, but we hope you will translate your passion for food and real, fresh produce to your readers so that they are inspired to make a healthier choice the next time they’re looking for a great dinner recipe.

Share Your Half Your Plate Recipes With Your Readers

So we’re asking you to help us! Share your best fruit and veggie recipes with your readers so that we can work together to encourage Canadians to improve their food skills and cook tasty homemade dishes, one meal at a time. We’re looking for anything and everything, from easy one-pot meals and snacks to creative veggie filled meals.

Tweet your recipes out with the #halfyourplate hashtag to help spread the word.  You can also share your recipes, tips and ideas with the team at Half Your Plate on their website.


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