Monthly Canadian Food Blog Income Reports with the Food Gays

We're back with Month 2 of the monthly blog income reports from The Food Gays.  The fellas reported in last week with their results from May 27th - June 26th along with a a number of changes they're in the process of making with their blog.

One big change they implemented was the ad waterfall strategy using multiple ad networks after reading the eBook we reviewed and recommended last month, How To Monetize Your Food Blog, by Kiersten Frase.

We'll let you check out the rest of their changes for yourself over on their blog with their latest Blogging Income Report - Month 2.  And we'll be back to check in on them the first Monday of August. Keep up the good work guys!

For those of you interested, fellow FBC Members, Chantal and Marc, at Smell My Kitchen have also recently started publishing their own monthly income reports as well!  Big thanks to both blogs for sharing your monetizing journey with all your fellow food bloggers!  We know it's much appreciated and it's a great way for us all to learn from each other!

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