Combine two classic favourites into one: Grilled Cheese and Toad in the Hole - for a Grilled Cheese Toad in the Hole Sandwich. It's full of yolky, cheesy goodness!

Toad in the Hole Grilled Cheese Sandwich | Food Bloggers of Canada

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Simple is good. Simple is tasty. Simple is easy. Combining multiple simple ideas and ingredients together is what it’s all about.

So, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that yolky eggs + grilled cheese + crispy apple + a shmear of mayo is a brilliant way to celebrate World Egg Day (October 11, 2019) and the Canadian Egg Farm families that allow us to enjoy fresh, local eggs every single day of the year.

I was a bit stumped with a recipe idea this year which is ironic considering I eat at least one egg a day as evidenced by my Soy Sauce Egg post last year to celebrate World Egg Day. I think it’s because the idea last year was a no-brainer and I was over-thinking things until I thought to myself, “let’s go back to basics.” Eggs are versatile and can be enjoyed in thousands of different ways but it’s the simplicity of the egg that it doesn’t need a lot of pizzazz which makes it especially great.

Grillled Cheese Toad in the Hole Sandwich | Food Bloggers of Canada

So I went to the things I enjoy for breakfast, lunch and dinner which landed me on the classic grilled cheese sandwich. I’ve added sliced apples or pears to it over the years as it was something I picked up from a cafe I worked at forever ago. It has also evolved to include a little mayonnaise which adds extra deliciousness to the sandwich but it occurred to me, why haven’t I ever added an egg to my grilled cheese?

So I got to work! I happily played around with a few ideas…scrambled eggs inserted into my grilled cheese (a win) and also trying to cook an egg between the bread along with the cheese and mayo (not so much of a win). But I really wanted the yolky action so I want back to another simple childhood staple, toad in the hole!

And happy to announce, as always keeping it simple does the trick!

I’m still on the fence if it’s more a “Cheesy Toad in the Hole” or a “Grilled Cheese with Yolky Egg” but whatever it  is, it’s awesome and messy so be prepared with a napkin or using the back of your hand to wipe your face clean! And it’s my new favourite thing to make at 8am, 12pm, 3pm, 7pm, 1am or well…you get the idea.

Toad in the Hole Grilled Cheese Sandwich | Food Bloggers of Canada

What I’m not on the fence about is giving thanks to the 1,000+ egg farming families across Canada who work hard every day to produce the very best eggs in the world.  In fact, this past year was the 12th consecutive year of growth in egg sales in Canada topping out at 752 million dozen eggs in 2018! I guess Canadians love their eggs and in honour of our collective love of the perfect food, Egg Farmers of Canada created a fun video with Chef Lynn Crawford to give well-deserved shout-outs and recognition to all the egg farm families out there.

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Show us how you're celebrating World Egg Day and our Canadian Egg Farmers by sharing a photo on social media using the hashtag #WorldEggDay or #JourneeMondialedelOeuf.

Grilled Cheese Toad in the Hole Sandwich
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Sandwich
Serves: 1 sandwich
  • 2 tablespoons of butter
  • 2 pieces of bread
  • 2 eggs
  • salt
  • pepper
  • ½ cup of shredded cheese (I used gouda but whatever your favourite cheese is the way to go)
  • 1 apple - thinly sliced (I used a crispy gala apple, like how it holds its texture in a sandwich)
  • 1 teaspoon of mayonnaise
  1. Using the rim of a glass, ring of a mason jar or anything similar, press into the centre of your bread to make a hole.
  2. Over medium-heat, melt butter in frypan or skillet.
  3. Once fully melted, place the bread in the pan and crack one egg into the centre of each hole and then add salt and pepper.
  4. After about 1 minute, gently slide a spatula underneath the bread and move it carefully around the pan.
  5. After about 90 seconds, you’ll notice the white of the egg is starting to set and the bread is getting golden brown gently.
  6. With a small plate nearby, lift both pieces of bread carefully out of the pan and onto the plate
  7. Add more butter and when fully melted, carefully place the one slide bread back into the pan but onto the other side.
  8. Add mayo, apple slices and cheese to the piece of bread in the pan and cover with the other piece of bread and let cook for another 45-60 seconds seconds.
  9. Remove from pan, slice in half and serve right away!

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Toad in the Hold Grilled Cheese Sandwich | Food Bloggers of Canada

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