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It's that time of year where we start to look back and reflecting on all that's happened throughout the year.  So what better then taking a look at some of our most popular posts from 2013! 

Some of our top 10 were no-brainers.  And others were a big surprise!  So between now and New Year's Eve, we'll be sharing them with you.  If you missed a few posts throughout the year or are a new member, then these are the articles you'll want to make sure you check out.

Everything Bloggers Need to Know About Nofollow Links | www.foodbloggersofcanada.comWe have to confess, we were also a little surprised about our first entry in our top 3 of 2013 - Everything Bloggers Need to Know About NoFollow Links by Shareba Abdul.  Nofollow links are hugely important to understand, especially if you write sponsored or paid posts, but, they always seem complicated, boring and tedious.

Well, we should have known better! This is Shareba's second post to make our top 10 and it's obvious why it's done so well - she took a topic that we all shy away from and made it simple, easy to understand and gave clear, easy to implement steps on how to stay on Google's good side with your blog.  And that's something we all want to do, regardless of whether we earn income or not!

We’ll be back tomorrow with our #2 post in our top ten posts of 2013 - be sure to check out the others on our list:

Top 10 FBC Posts of 2013

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