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It's that time of year where we start to look back and reflecting on all that's happened throughout the year.  So what better then taking a look at some of our most popular posts from 2013! 

Some of our top 10 were no-brainers.  And others were a big surprise!  So between now and New Year's Eve, we'll be sharing them with you.  If you missed a few posts throughout the year or are a new member, then these are the articles you'll want to make sure you check out.

14 Ways to Make Money From Your Food Blog | www.foodbloggersofcanada.comOne thing that has become very clear over 2013 is that more and more of you are blogging with income in mind.  Some are hoping to make it their primary source of income, others just want to supplement or use it as a path to a freelance career.  And others just want to recoup their ingredient and hosting costs.  Whatever your reasons, it was no surprise that Mardi Michels' article, Dianne Jacob on Making Money From Your Blog, was such a hit - coming in at #4 for the year.  It joins one of our all time top rated posts, Thinking Outside the Bowl by Cameron Stauch as another great resource on tips to think outside the box to earn income from your blog.

We’ll be back tomorrow with our #3 post in our top ten posts of 2013 - be sure to check out the others on our list:

Top 10 FBC Posts of 2013

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