We’re back with Restaurant Roundup for 2015! This year’s theme: Where To Eat This Weekend. Every other week we’ll be profiling a different city in Canada with a list of great dining recommendations for you to check out – from fancy to hole in the wall and everything in between! Today Dee de los Santos of  Gastrofork takes us on a tour of Vancouver restaurants to visit this weekend so, let's find out where to eat in Vancouver!

Brunch or Lunch in Vancouver

Dragon View

Where To Eat This Weekend: Vancouver Edition Part 2 | Food Bloggers of Canada

Vancouver has a vibrant Asian community and it would be a disservice to skip out on the delicious dim sum Vancouver has to offer. My favourite place at the moment is Dragon View, mostly because they have a good selection with some items that you wont be able to find anywhere else and partially because Dragon View sounds entirely epic to me.

Calabash Bistro Brunch

Where To Eat This Weekend: Vancouver Edition Part 2 | Food Bloggers of Canada

The best place for Caribbean cuisine in Vancouver can be found at Calabash Bistro. They serve brunch - meaning you can now pair your Dark & Stormies with oxtail stew brunch bowls or Guyanese coconut French toast. Calabash Website

Fish Counter

One of my new favourite places on Main street is the Fish Counter. Part responsibly Oceanwise fish market, part take and go, they serve the best Oyster Po Boy you’ll have in town.

Dinner in Vancouver

Kin Kao

Where To Eat This Weekend: Vancouver Edition Part 2 | Food Bloggers of Canada

Kin Kao is easily one of the best places for Thai food in the city – as you’ll probably tell from the dinner lineups if you come during peak hours. Fresh ingredients mixed with top quality cuts make for a feast that will tantalize your taste buds. A warning: if your dish is labeled spicy – take heed because they do not joke around with heat here!  Kin Kao Website

Sushi K Kamizato

Where To Eat This Weekend: Vancouver Edition Part 2 | Food Bloggers of Canada

We’ve all heard of places people wouldn’t mind travelling distances to eat at. Sushi K Kamizato is one of these places. Chef and owner Keith combines his love of metal and sushi to bring an unforgettable experience and taste to every dish he creates.  Sushi K Kamizato on Facebook

Angel Café

Vancouver has it’s fair share of Hong Kong style cafes and if you haven’t been to one for dinner, you should look up your closest and go! Most HK Cafes are hole-in-the-walls, but they serve up dinner specials that give you the most for your money. My favourite item to order is the 2-3 Item Special Dinner. You get to choose from a list of different mains (I normally go with chicken steak and rib eye steak), and your meal usually includes soup, toast, a drink and sides like baked potatoes, fries, rice or spaghetti. All this for under $14! Angel Cafe on Zomato

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Vancouver Night Markets and More

Richmond Night Market

The largest Richmond Night Market runs on until October, and while there are many stalls to visit – I beeline it to the food stalls. Night markets are the only place you can get your dim sum, barbecue, bubble tea and hurricane potato on all at the same time. Every year there are new stalls and this year my new fave is the deep fried onigiri.

International Summer Night Market

Where To Eat This Weekend: Vancouver Edition Part 2 | Food Bloggers of Canada

While not as big as the Richmond Night Market, the International Summer Night Market is still a super popular hangout on the weekends. They serve all the wonderful night market treats you’re looking for: red bean cakes, takoyaki, dim sum and more. One of their newest booths serve Yuja Ade – a Korean marmalade mixed drink that is a must try when you go.  International Summer Night Market Website

Mango Yummy

Where To Eat This Weekend: Vancouver Edition Part 2 | Food Bloggers of Canada

Originally a Night Market stand, Mango Yummy now has a brick and mortar store in Richmond. Mango Yummy serves up the most delicious mango slush I’ve had in my life. They have great desserts like mango and shaved ice that hits the spot on a hot summer night.  Mango Yummy on Facebook

More Great Places To Eat This Weekend

Here are most great places to eat across Canada this weekend! Where will you be eating?

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Where to Eat This Weekend: Vancouver Edition Part 2 was written by Dee de los Santos.  Dee is a Vancouver based food and travel writer who owns Gastrofork.ca. She has written for the Daily Meal and was named one of the Top 25 Culinary Travel bloggers to follow in 2014 by TripAdvisor’s FlipKey blog. Connect with her on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


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