Kristin from Onclusive is sharing her tips on ways to increase social media traffic for food bloggers, how to target the right audience or how to reshare posts.

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Nothing tingles our taste buds more than scrolling through our social media feed and tumbling upon scrumptious meals photographed to appear highly appealing. We may even click through the link and make our version of the recipe.

However, a food blogger can gauge the effort behind creating these recipes, cooking them, taking pictures, and managing them. It takes days of work to perfectly display a recipe or a picture of a dish to the online world. So, it can shatter the spirit of the blogger and waste all the effort when the view doesn’t come in, and there is no social media traffic.

If you run a food blog and have been constantly dealing with low numbers of social media traffic, this guide will reveal some ways you can increase traffic levels on your social media channels. Let’s begin!

Target the Right Audience

Information and content flood the internet today. As such, not everybody can watch everything. People are selective of the content they spend more time on. That is why your first order of business needs to be to know your target audience and make content for them.

You can start off by answering a few basic questions and then dig deeper, such as which age group is more inclined toward food-related content and which gender prefers saving recipes and food pictures. Get to know the basics of the demographic of the audience you are targeting and customize your content according to them.

For example, if you are targeting students and young people, there is a high chance that they are living busy and single lives. In this case, most people would be looking for quick recipes with little mess and hassle. Provide the content your target audience is looking for, and you will see an organic rise in traffic.

Know the Right Social Media Channel

It is tempting to keep your food blog running on several platforms, and it can be a great marketing strategy in the long run. But when you already have low engagement and traffic, instead of diverting your attention to five different platforms, pick and focus on one of them.

Study your chosen platform carefully and research the algorithm. Know which times are the best for posting. Make sure your target audience hangs out on the chosen platform and find out what type of content does best on the channel. Is it pictures, videos, infographics, text, or some other forms?

Converge all your attention to building engagement and making content for one platform for a few weeks. Once you start gaining traction, you can expand your wings to other platforms.

Reshare Your Posts

Resharing your previous posts does not mean spamming the web. It only means that it is possible that your previous posts did not reach the desired audience because of some glitches or problems with your tactics. But if you share it once more, you can gather more eyeballs on the same post than when you originally shared it.

Resharing old posts can be especially amazing for traffic if you know you created a unique and delicious recipe or some other useful content related to food. It wasn't able to reach many people then. Resharing can drastically improve engagement. Be sure not to spam the social media channel.

Instead of posting new content and resharing your old posts yourself, get a scheduling tool where you can schedule when the different posts will be shared, and it will happen automatically. This way, you are sure to post at the right time and reach maximum people.

Allow Readers to Share on Social Media

If you run a food blogging website, make sure to enable readers to share posts on social media right from the website. You can do this by using tools like Sumo. It will put up tags on your site so the readers visiting your site can share your content on their social media channels easily.

Being shared on different channels in front of various audiences will increase the social media traffic to your blog.

Use Engaging and Appealing Visuals

All social media channels are visual platforms. People like to see what is being conveyed via words. According to stats, posts with relevant images get 94% more views across social media channels.

This is especially true for food bloggers. A significant part of the appeal of the food is in the image and outer appearance, which is why the presentation of food is very important. Make sure that whatever platform you are using, you must share your content with appealing and unique photos.

You don’t always have to take photos. There are applications online which will allow you to create unique photos like infographics, charts, images with text, and more. You can take your own images as well, edit them a little, and add them to the post. Remember to make them attractive and colorful.

Incorporate a Media Monitoring Tool

Another great way to increase social media traffic is to make content people are searching for. You can tailor your content to match the current trends. This way, you will come up with a lot of organic searches.

To know the content trending around your topic, get a media monitoring tool. A media monitoring tool will help you figure out which content is doing well on social media and other platforms. You can make your content by incorporating the trends.

Media monitoring tools will do much more than that. They measure the sentiment around your blog, track the performance of your existing content, and examine the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

Key Takeaways

Growing social media traffic comes down to getting to know your target audience, knowing what they are following, saving on the social media channels, and creating content to match their needs. Pretty visuals will only add to the appeal of your informative content. Also, never shy away from taking the help of tools.

Create a community people will feel welcome, and remember, good content with strategic marketing will take you a long way.

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Kristin Gray is a Digital Content Manager at Onclusive - She's been working with enterprise-level global messaging solutions since 2001. When she is not researching and writing, she loves nothing more than heading out into the country for some downtime.

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